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Doesn’t the trailer for Suicide Squad look amazing? I for one can’t wait for the movie to come out in 2016! Let’s just say I don’t have big hopes for Batman V Superman; Dawn of Justice, being that Ben Affleck is Batman in this movie, and we all know how much he screwed up as Daredevil. I mean, come on. Every superhero fan out there can see that this is a steppingstone for DC Comics to start a Justice League franchise just like Marvel’s Avengers! And to be honest, I have a feeling that the supervillain movies will be much more entertaining with their psychopaths and humor than Justice League with their drama. I mean, did anyone actually enjoy watching the latest Man of steel movie? These idiotis actually thought we needed a dramatic take on Superman? If Hollywood brings that shit into Justice League, I will be pissed. They categorized Man of steel as “action, adventure, fantasy” and is now doing the same with Dawn of Justice. That shit was legit drama. Bring the Joker in, let him kill someone, he’ll probably makes us all laugh about it! 

Audrey and her fawn


Did you know that Audrey Hepburn had a pet fawn called Pippin, but you may know it as Ip? It lived with her and followed her around LA as training for a movie they did together. Audrey had a big heart for animals and loved her fawn dearly. Life magazine took some amazing pictures of the pair, including one you have probably seen where they are shopping at the supermarket. I just find this so interesting for some reason, and I had to share with you.