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So, here’s my office space! Like I said, it’s yellow, but.. still. I had this old desk, so I painted it a little, and basically fell in love with the thing. I think I just love that it looks so tarnished and half done, which just gives it a unique look. My new Imac is just totally beyond, and I couldn’t love it more. I also have a thing for showcasing the fashion items I love, including Amanda Christensen and Lanvin for H&M bow ties, Ray-Bans, Marc Jacobs for Cola Light bottles, coffee table books and pearl sunnies! I can’t wait to paint this room, it needs a serious makeover.

I might possibly create a walk-in-closet/office space, just so I can decorate it with fashion items and accessories. But then my bedroom would be totally empty! But I feel a rush of inspiration when I can see my silk bombers, studded leather bags, college jackets, envelope clutches, snapbacks, hats, balenciaga book and Chanel/Alexander McQueen scarves around me!

DIY sheer bow tie


Okey, so here you have the most simple DIY ever.

1. Take some sheer fabric.
2. Fold it.
3. Hold the fabric “squished” at the middle and handsow it.
4. Cut a strip of black, or sheer fabric, fold and sow it at the side (Looking back, I would use a stretchy band).
5. Sow it to your bowtie.
6. Add some sort of lock to it after measuring it so it will fit just right. I used velcro.
7.  Enjoy your chic sheer bow tie!

A little silly, but it’s my first DIY, snaps for me!