Brand bragging – Andrés Sendra


Like any fashion blogger, I have a thing for shoes. Shoes can make or break an outfit and with that in mind, I have a treat for you! These shoes have been in the back of my mind for the last few months. Andrés Sendra. Seeing as I have a a thing for double monks and shoes that are a bit quirky, this is truly a good fit. These things are truly special and beautiful.  Now, if only I could get my hands on a pair. I see a lot of these in my future. Why buy cheap shoes that will be ruined in 6 months when you can save up for quality shoes/boots that will serve you for years? But for now, I will have to daydream about this amazing brand. Make sure you check out their >Instagram< and their >Online shop< if you feel the need for a gorgeous pair, which is really no question if you love exceptional shoes in the form of derby, chelsea, oxford, loafer or monk strap.

sendrapic1sendracollage1 sendracollage2

Coffee, Sia and Knits

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Well, good morning! In the moment I’m sitting at the table drinking a cup of coffee & listening to my new favorite Sia song, California Dreamin’ which you can listen to above if you’re in the mood for something catchy. I’ve had a lingering cold forever now, which is getting on my last nerves. That and the fact that every time I dress for summer, it’s like a slap in the face to just look outside. I know this is Scandinavia and all, but come on.. I’ve never experienced a summer/spring like this here in Norway, and it is completely ridiculous! But, I’m going to look on the bright side of things. At least I can wear my winter knits for a bit longer and a beanie when I don’t wanna spend time on my hair.


These days, my entire life seems to revolve around a possible vocal exam in french. I’m in desperate need of help with this class. I have literally had french for 6 years, and I’m still at the beginner level. I have no idea what I’m doing, and every time I think I’m getting somewhere, something new knocks me on my ass. I hate this language. Je ne comprends pas.

This, and the fact that I have a few other exams and a bum knee at the moment, is the reason why I haven’t posted something in ages. I hope you understand. Though I love writing and posting on this blog, my education is priority number one. Nothing has ever made me this miserable before. I could easily be a part of Les miserables (the miserable ones) at this point, but I’m sticking with it. I’m not generally a positive person, but I honestly hope with all I have that I will be able to be done this year. It’s gone on far enough and I’m ready to move on and start living my life as I should have done years ago. In a way, I’ve found a positive outlet for my stress through sketching, reading and helping my friend who’s an artist with her lyrics, and writing a few songs on my own. They’re not any good, but it’s a way for me to work through things.

I have never been more ready to be done with something in my entire life! I have procrastinated, gone through the lowest lows and been on a path of self discovery ever since. I find myself having to sit down and take a minute so I won’t be overwhelmed by the stress and dark sides that used to be my every thought. I love that after all these years, I can see the change in myself. I went from seeing a bright future for myself, to seeing nothing good in my future so fast, spent so much time in the dark trying to crawl my way out, so time just flew by me. And suddenly, I was 23 years old and had accomplished so little. 

Sure, when I sum up everything I have managed to do with my blog it sounds really exciting and fun, but when you think about how long I’ve actually been blogging (I started at 16, I’m 24 now), it’s not that big of a deal. But in some ways I’ve learned so much about myself from doing this and writing an online diary. Though it’s public and people will eventually see it, I’m proud of what I chose to put out on the web. I won’t change the world with it, but maybe I will be able to inspire someone, and that was truly all I ever wanted to do with my material. Not to be successful, earn money or get free stuff, even though that would be pretty awesome. I wanted someone to go «I love your photos» or «I love the way you write». I don’t write about politics, helping sick kids in Africa or the environment, I write about fashion and style. What I prefer. So if I can broaden someone’s style and make them try new things, I’m good! I do have to get back to studying, so I will see you all soon, so let me know if any of you want me to start writing more with my posts or if you want me to do something different or publish something specific. Au revoir! 

A few of my favorite things

DSC01442 DSC01456DSC01438DSC01449DSC01432DSC01450 IMG_2055

I thought I would show you guys some of my favorite things from my wardrobe, and I kinda have a thing for the Sound of music, so I thought the title would be a good fit, as well. As you can see, I’m a big fan of blue! I just collected some things, and it basically just ended up being a blue palette. The silver pin is my grandfathers from Canada, the perfectly slim gloves and shirt is from one of my favorite brands; Matinique, the sunglasses are my basic black aviators + my really eccentric Rihanna style sunnies that I usually just use as interior, my Alexander McQueen scarf and my Jenny humphrey from Gossip Girl style Necktie, which is totally amazing. You can check out my instagram here, for more updates, AidenCWolf!


Hi there! I have been a little preoccupied lately with school and some personal stuff, but I do update my Instagram regularly just to keep my hand in. I’ve also been working on some new posts. But I’ve been having a little trouble with my camera, so the pictures aren’t that great. I’m also in desperate need of a tripod for my camera to take some real outfit pictures (let’s be honest, the quality of the ones I’ve posted have been subpar), But follow my Instagram AidenCWolf for more updates! Just press this link right here or the picture below and it will lead you right to it!



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T his book right here, written by the one of a kind Vogue creative editor Grace Coddington, is probably the first book I’ve read voluntarily since I was 12. I loved it so much that it honestly made me wanna read more. So here we are, three books later. The book features some of her work through her modeling days, childhood memories, terrible memories, Vogue shoots and great stories featuring the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Manolo Blahnik, André Leon Talley, Linda Evangelista, Natalia Vodianova and Anna Wintour. This is a “can’t miss” for the people who want to get into fashion. Read away, darlings.


Hi there! I see that a lot of you have been checking in lately, and I kinda feel bad for not updating more. But don’t worry, I have been writing a few drafts, planning some outfits and talking with some potential sponsors to hype up the blog a bit. I feel kinda silly not taking advantage of what comes with having a blog, so I should get my shit together. But for you people who are sick of typing in my blog, I suggest you add me on, or like the site on facebook for updates! Which would also make me really happy, by the way! Gotta go, have a lot of things to do today, one of which is hopefully an outfitpost if I can swing it! Now you just follow away (there’s a link in the three sites I listed)


DSC01071.jpg DSC01077 officecollage2 officespace3.jpg

So, here’s my office space! Like I said, it’s yellow, but.. still. I had this old desk, so I painted it a little, and basically fell in love with the thing. I think I just love that it looks so tarnished and half done, which just gives it a unique look. My new Imac is just totally beyond, and I couldn’t love it more. I also have a thing for showcasing the fashion items I love, including Amanda Christensen and Lanvin for H&M bow ties, Ray-Bans, Marc Jacobs for Cola Light bottles, coffee table books and pearl sunnies! I can’t wait to paint this room, it needs a serious makeover.

I might possibly create a walk-in-closet/office space, just so I can decorate it with fashion items and accessories. But then my bedroom would be totally empty! But I feel a rush of inspiration when I can see my silk bombers, studded leather bags, college jackets, envelope clutches, snapbacks, hats, balenciaga book and Chanel/Alexander McQueen scarves around me!

Audrey and her fawn


Did you know that Audrey Hepburn had a pet fawn called Pippin, but you may know it as Ip? It lived with her and followed her around LA as training for a movie they did together. Audrey had a big heart for animals and loved her fawn dearly. Life magazine took some amazing pictures of the pair, including one you have probably seen where they are shopping at the supermarket. I just find this so interesting for some reason, and I had to share with you.