Hi there! I see that a lot of you have been checking in lately, and I kinda feel bad for not updating more. But don’t worry, I have been writing a few drafts, planning some outfits and talking with some potential sponsors to hype up the blog a bit. I feel kinda silly not taking advantage of what comes with having a blog, so I should get my shit together. But for you people who are sick of typing in my blog, I suggest you add me on, or like the site on facebook for updates! Which would also make me really happy, by the way! Gotta go, have a lot of things to do today, one of which is hopefully an outfitpost if I can swing it! Now you just follow away (there’s a link in the three sites I listed)



I made my sister take this shot of me in a suit, but it was obvious that she didn’t know the procedure, since I usually take about 40 pictures to find a few OK ones, so when she took 6, after trying to walk away (thinking we were finished over and over again), I decided to put her out of her misery, and the result was this. Yeah.. I think I’ll let my trusted friends do the outfitphotos from now on, wouldn’t you agree? #blurredphotolines