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So, here’s my office space! Like I said, it’s yellow, but.. still. I had this old desk, so I painted it a little, and basically fell in love with the thing. I think I just love that it looks so tarnished and half done, which just gives it a unique look. My new Imac is just totally beyond, and I couldn’t love it more. I also have a thing for showcasing the fashion items I love, including Amanda Christensen and Lanvin for H&M bow ties, Ray-Bans, Marc Jacobs for Cola Light bottles, coffee table books and pearl sunnies! I can’t wait to paint this room, it needs a serious makeover.

I might possibly create a walk-in-closet/office space, just so I can decorate it with fashion items and accessories. But then my bedroom would be totally empty! But I feel a rush of inspiration when I can see my silk bombers, studded leather bags, college jackets, envelope clutches, snapbacks, hats, balenciaga book and Chanel/Alexander McQueen scarves around me!

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2 thoughts on “OFFICE SPACE

    • Yeah, I felt my desk had to have some personal touch to it, so the painting was actually just a mistake. It was supposed to be white. But I love it like this, messy, torn down and just colorbombish! The Imac is truly amazing, I would never go back to an ordinary computer after getting my macbook, so the Imac was just the next step 🙂

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