DIY sheer bow tie


Okey, so here you have the most simple DIY ever.

1. Take some sheer fabric.
2. Fold it.
3. Hold the fabric “squished” at the middle and handsow it.
4. Cut a strip of black, or sheer fabric, fold and sow it at the side (Looking back, I would use a stretchy band).
5. Sow it to your bowtie.
6. Add some sort of lock to it after measuring it so it will fit just right. I used velcro.
7.  Enjoy your chic sheer bow tie!

A little silly, but it’s my first DIY, snaps for me!

Fashion thing a ma jigs

In fashion, everything is about how you style for maximum potential. You could be wearing things that are great alone, but absolutely wrong together, but the one thing a lot of people forget how to do? Accessorize.

Any item can be used as an accessory, which means you need cool little things to boost your stylepoints. Beneath you can find my favorite things at the moment for your electronics, to make your outfits more fun and stylish at the same time. I’m especially in love with headphones from Frends & H&M, the Chanel perfume case, the Moschino french fries case and the MBMJ cases. Cover up the mainstream electronics with patterns and fashion forward cases, use stylish headphones and ipad cases for a pop of color or pattern and just have fun with it!

1. Chanel perfume case HERE // Karl Lagerfeld case 2HERE // 3. Moschino case HERE //
1. Marc By Marc Jacobs case HERE // 2. Marc By Marc Jacobs case HERE // 3. Marcelo Burton Country of Milan case HERE // 4. Marcelo Burton Country of Milan case HERE // 5. Master-Piece case HERE //

Aidenwcollage51. Frends headphones HERE // 2. H&M headphones HERE // 3. Frends headphones HERE // 4. H&M headphones HERE // 5. Frends headphones HERE //

1. Givenchy HERE // 2. Maison Martin Margiela HERE // 3. Alexander McQueen HERE //


IMG_3833 IMG_3835 IMG_3837 IMG_3839

I love drawing, it’s calming to me. My grandmother used to have three year old me on her lap while sketching disney gowns, so the inspiration still flows through me every time I draw. I love it, but I haven’t done it in years. So I started up recently, and did these. Not anywhere near perfect, but I love the Cara one. Oh yeah, I give them names whenever I think of someone it would fit or what I think suits them.

Crocodile pink leather dundee


So, finally an outfit with the croc! I woke up early this morning, talked to a potential employer, had some coffee, saw some episodes of the vampire diaries, and now we’re here! My friend Stine took these photos of me, with my camera, which means the problem isn’t my camera, it’s me.

I’m meeting my relatives from Canada today or tomorrow, and one of them is bringing me a hat, which is kinda cool. It’s a nice gesture, so I’ll be thankful either way, I’m just glad she even thought to bring me one. You can never have a big enough closet, right? And my closet is pretty big at the moment.. Summer cleaning? I should really get rid of some of these things. But I have a full day in front of me, and I have some things to plan for tomorrow’s amazing party, so I’ll talk to you later!


IMG_2363 IMG_2354 IMG_2349

My favorite watches comes from the amazing Daniel Wellington. I have made everyone I know fall completely in love with this brand, and with good reason, right? Some things you want to keep for yourself and some things you just wanna share with others. I don’t usually dress that preppy these days, but I just about always have a DW watch on, because even after wearing them for 2 years, I’m still crushing on them badly! I know you guys like DW watches, so which colors from the collections are your favorites?


valentinocollage2Valentinocollage2 (1) Valentinocollage3

Personally I find love in Valentino’s clothing. I find it romantic to be in Valentino, and would probably scream if I were ever invited, let along going. This collection is just amazing, and I love it more and more, each time I see it. Valentino is truly the last emperor.


Moschino x Jeremy Scott x Carolyn Murphy

ph_British Vogue.

I’ve fallen completely in love with this shot of Carolyn Murphy from the new campaign by Jeremy Scott , that Moschino just unveiled after a beautiful shot of Linda Evangelista last week. There is something so chic mixed with ridiculousness that just captures everything. I actually want to print this one out and frame it.


Envelope croc clutch


I have these two envelope croc clutches from I like having these special bags that I basically never use. I should use them, right? I have no idea why I haven’t, it must be because I’m not that used to bags and I love having them showcased in my closet. Imma do it, promise an outfit with one of them soon!

Nly man favorites – June 5th 14

To be quite honest, I’ve never really been a favorite of They’ve always had great choices for women, but the mens side of the store has always been lacking something; Up to date fashion and style choices.

But when I heard they were starting another store NLYMAN, exclusively for men, I knew it was basically a promise to focus more on men’s fashion, a promise that they’ve already started to keep. Finally! I’ve always loved that it’s so easy for women, and always on the cheaper side to buy amazing clothing from their own brand NLY Trend, so hopefully they will be inspired by menswear bloggers and street style, and start making their own productline for men. If they put in the work, I just know it will be amazing! It already looks promising, so to share the good news, I added some of my favorite products to date, go at it!

1. HERE // 2. HERE // 3. HERE // 4. HERE // 5. HERE //
1. HERE // 2. HERE // 3. HERE // 4. HERE // 5. HERE //
1. HERE // 2. HERE // 3. HERE // 4. HERE //
1. HERE // 2. HERE // 3. HERE // 4. HERE //